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Clear Skin For The Holidays

December is usually the month for Christmas holiday parties, nights out with your friends and going home to see our loved ones.

Clear Skin for Holidays

This year might be a little quieter, but instead of showing off your fabulousness in makeup and high heels, why don’t you aim to have a makeup-free, clear-skin Christmas instead? Here’s some top tips to enhance your radiance!

1. Using a skincare routine that suits your skin. You don’t need to have a 12 step routine every night (unless you want to!) but some staple products to have in your bathroom is
  • A cleanser that removes your makeup like Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser,
  • A serum with active ingredients targeting your skin condition like Image Skincare Iluma Brightening Serum (for that clear and even skin tone),
  • A day cream with a broad spectrum SPF30 like Prevention + SPF 30 (SPF all day every day regardless of whether you’re going outside or not – blue light from our screens is the new aging device!) and
  • An active night cream like the Ormedic Biopeptide Crème from Image skincare – packed full of antioxidants, this cream will leave your skin velvety soft.

2. A healthy gut = a healthy complexion. If you find yourself breaking out in pimples, check your gut health. Are your bowel movements regular? If not, try changing up your diet and increasing your fiber intake, eating more dark leafy greens or talking to your doctor if digestive issues are affecting your health.
While we are on the topic – reducing sugar, processed food and oily food will also benefit your skin. Supplements like pharmaceutical grade Omega 3s, probiotics and zinc will help clear your skin but do your research on the quality of these supplements and ask your doctor if you are not sure. I am not a nutritionist nor am I able to give medical advice, these are just suggestions based on working with my own acne clients.
3. Take off your makeup EVERY NIGHT. See that nice cleanser you purchased in step 1? Use it every night if you want to keep those pores nice and clear.
4. Do your own face massage. Get the circulation going by massaging your face daily. It will also help lymphatic drainage which in turn reduces puffiness and improves the clarity of your skin. Gentle upwards strokes when cleansing your skin feels so relaxing and rejuvenating, include it in your self care routine daily.
5. Get plenty of sleep and work on reducing stress. Adequate sleep helps the skin heal and regenerate itself. Stress triggers cortisol which in turn stimulates the oil glands leading to clogged pores. Stress can also lead to inflammation in the body which can flare up skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
6. Book yourself in for a rejuvenating facial like the O2 Bubble facial which consists of a gentle enzymatic peel, an oxygen mask which shoots tiny molecules of oxygen into the pores stimulating circulation and leaves you glowing!
7. Skincare after partying – If you are lucky enough to have a night out over Christmas, please wash your face when you get home! The next day your skin will feel more dehydrated due to your alcohol consumption the night before (I’m not judging but I am jealous!).
Pop on a high quality sheet mask like Procell Hyaluronic Sheet Mask and infuse the product into your skin with a stone roller. It will feel amazing on your parched skin and also help with the hangover! A brightening eye cream like Iluma brightening eye cream will also help with the raccoon eyes!

In short - drink water, eat healthier, get a good night’s sleep, try to destress, use a suitable skincare routine and wash your makeup off at night! Worst case scenario, have a great night out and just be super kind to your skin after party!


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