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Fall Weather Affecting Your Skin?  Check out our helpful tips below for hydrated, revitalized skin!

Soon, the heating will be going on (if it isn’t already) and then we will be going from a warm dry environment inside to a cold dry environment outside. To combat the lack of moisture in the air, try placing a humidifier in your room.

Showering at a lower temperature will also aid in not leeching your skin of moisture. Supplements like Omega Oils replenish moisture from the inside out.

If you are a regular Hyaluronic Acid user, it is important to consider the following. Skin aging is associated with the loss of moisture in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is hydrophilic which means it retains water and it exists naturally in the body, with its greatest concentration (over 50%) in the skin. Its function is to bind water and lubricate moveable parts of the body. It can hold 1,000 its body weight in moisture.

HA is a great addition to your skincare routine. It has a large molecule which cannot penetrate deeply into the epidermis, but it has a temporary smoothing and plumping effect which can reduce the appearance of fine lines. Amazing to use under your moisturizer before you put on your makeup for a smooth application.

Being hydrophilic, it takes moisture from something moist and gives that moisture to something dry. In areas of high humidity, HA would take moisture from the air and give it to the skin. However – and this is important – if you live in a dryer climate, HA will actually zap the moisture from your skin and give it to the dryer air.

You can try avoiding this happening by locking in your HA serum with an oil based moisturizer that will occlude the HA but if you find your skin drying out, maybe it’s best to shelf the HA serum until the humidity rises.

If you have an oily skin type, the drier air will actually dehydrate your skin and encourage it to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air. Choosing the connect balance of products will be key to avoiding this.

Balance your skin with a cleanser like Image Ormedic cleanser or Face Reality Ultra Gentle Cleanser.

Nourish with an antioxidant-infused gentle serum like Image Clear Cell Restoring Serum or Image Iluma Serum which are both oil-free.

Adding a water-based hydration under your moisturizer will help lock in water - try Face Reality’s Hydrabalance and lock in that hydration with a broad spectrum SPF 30 day cream like Image Prevention Plus Matte SPF 32.

For nighttime, consider Image Max Stem Cell crème or Vital C repair crème.

Avoid over exfoliating! You want to replenish your skin’s moisture level, not strip it further. Please put down the scrubs.

Instead, try incorporating an AHA cleanser into your routine 1-2 times a week instead. Try Image Skincare Ageless Cleanser which will prep your skin for future treatments as well as gently exfoliate. Over exfoliating does more harm than good and you might be confusing your skin’s need for moisture and replenishment with the idea that it needs to be scrubbed shiny.

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